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Both our name and our philosophy are inspired by The Tipping Point, the best-selling book by Malcolm Gladwell. In the book, Gladwell postulates that change in society is brought about by a very small band of people, whom he classifies as the Mavens, Connectors and Salesmen.

Gladwell points out that change begins with innovators - the ones who embrace change. The next group on board is the early adaptors, the more respected members of the community who are willing to take a chance with that change. Gladwell notes that there is a chasm between the innovators and the early adaptors. He suggests that this chasm is bridged by the maven, who learns much about the new idea/product; the connector, who spreads the word about the new product/idea; and the salesman, who makes others see the ideas as plausible.

Mavens are experts who have accumulated such a great fund of knowledge that others trust his or her judgment as a resource for change. In fact, maven is a Yiddish word that means “one who accumulates knowledge”.

Mavens have a unique ability and desire to transmit excitement and interest to a wide variety of people; they take ideas from innovators and get them understood and accepted by the masses. In this way, they give sparkle and meaning to the message.

At Maven Alliance, we aim to be an alliance of mavens; a company that offers a team of trusted experts who are able to transmit both knowledge and interest about new ideas, to effect change for the better in the industry.


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